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Strategies and tools used to manage your work and time

In college (particularly compared to high school settings) the ability to manage one’s time becomes much more important. You are more likely to have out-of-class assignments and projects with potentially competing timelines, not to mention things like work, home/family life, etc.

Organization is critical to balancing all these things. Something as simple as using a calendar or planner can help you see when an assignment is coming up, and if that might compete with a big exam in another class or a busy time at work.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

Eleanor Roosevelt

How can I improve my Organization?

Strategies to Use

  • Either on your phone or in a paper format, use a calendar to track your classes, work shifts, and other events. 

  • Make sure to block out dedicated time to study, especially when big assignments, projects, or exams are coming up.

  • Set aside a time early each week (e.g., Sunday evening or Monday morning) to look at what’s ahead. This will help you prepare for particularly busy times or shift things around as needed.

  • Make a to-do list each week and cross off items as they get done.

Resources at Western Carolina

  • The Writing and Learning Commons (WaLC) and Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTC) provides peer-facilitated tutoring sessions to support student learning and achieve academic success.

  • The Office of Student Retention implements targeted advising interventions for students in need of additional support to be successful and connects them with campus resources. 

  • The Mentoring and Persistence to Success (MAPS) connects first generation and independent students with resources to accomplish their academic and personal goals. These resources encompass skills coaching, academic guidance, exploration of majors/careers, as well as the provision of social and personal assistance.

  • The Compass Program provides additional guidance and support for first-generation, low income, or independent students. Students who are accepted into the Compass Program not only have full access to the services provided by MAPS but are matched with a MAPS academic coach who serves as a guide throughout their academic journey at WCU. 

Online Resources

All of the apps below are free for both iOS and Android and can help you organize your schedule and assignments

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